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Expert Witness Services

JMD Engineering, Inc. understands that right-of-way acquisition projects can impact existing and future land uses.   We provide a broad range of technical services to assist in residential, commercial and industrial right of way acquisitions. John M. Donaldson, P.E., PTOE has been providing eminent domain related services for over 25 years in Florida and we can provide services from pre-take analysis, through trial and hearings as necessary. Below is a brief outline of some of our services we provide:

Concurrency Issues
Development Feasibility Analysis
Regulatory Approvals
Site Analysis
Site Cost Estimates

Traffic Noise Analysis TNM2.5

Thousands of acquisition sites analyzed
Provide design cures for specific needs for before and after acquisition
Cures conform to zoning, permitting and other regulatory requirements

Assist in preparing and organizing for trial, mediations and negotiations

Expert Witness Testimony

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