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Our Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Services include:

 Access Management Planning
 Access Studies
  Bike-way / Trail Studies
 Campus Master Plans
 Campus Parking and Planning Studies
 Campus Transportation Planning
 Conceptual Design of New Parking Facilities
 Driveway and Roadway Design
 Driveway Permit Applications
 Highway Point of Access Studies
 Interchange Justification Studies
 Land Use Planning Studies for Comprehensive Transportation Planning
 Municipal Study Reviews
Parking Data Collection
 Parking Lot Signing and Marking Plans
 Parking Supply and Demand Studies
 Professional Testimony
  Noise Studies
 Public Participation
 Site Access Analysis
 Site Access Studies
 Site Circulation Studies
 State and Municipal Permit Applications
 Traffic Calming Studies
 Traffic Data Collection
 Traffic Impact Studies
 Traffic Impact Study Reviews
 Traffic Pattern Analysis
 Traffic Signal Warrant Studies
 Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance Reviews and Updates

Our Expert Witness Services for Eminent Domain Includes:

 Assist in Preparing and Organizing for Trial, Meditations and Depositions
 Concurrency Determination Issues
 Damage Assessments
 Expert Witness
 Provide Mitigation Plans
 Regulatory Approvals
 Review of Proposed Mitigation/Cure Plans
 Site Analysis
 Site Cost Estimates
Traffic Noise Analysis
 Taking Site Impact Analysis

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